February 2020

Celebrate St David’s Day On A Budget

St David’s Day is a few days away and we like to celebrate our Welsh patron saint in style! Welsh cakes, daffodils, national costumes and leeks are all expressions... Read More

St Valentine’s Day on a Budget

‘Love is a many splendoured thing’. ‘Love lifts us up where we belong.’ ‘All you need is love.’ None of these romantic songs claim that love is expensive, so... Read More

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It gets me out of bed in the morning.

If this looks like a worthwhile cause to you why not join us. https://twitter.com/cambriancredu/status/1352346506666377218

Low-paid workers in UK more than twice as likely to lose job in pandemic https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/jan/22/low-paid-workers-in-uk-more-than-twice-as-likely-to-lose-job-in-pandemic

Mae gan Undebau Credyd Cymru fwy na 140 o bartneriaid cyflogres ledled y wlad, yn dangos eu hymrwymiad i gyfrifoldeb cymdeithasol a lles ariannol eu staff. http://ow.ly/yc7430rt6nZ #credydigymru

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