Building a Credit Union Nation

Building a Credit Union Nation is a strategy and action plan to help build the financial resilience of people of all ages. At a time of uncertainty, as we navigate the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, 10 credit unions in Wales have committed to working together to improve services, products and accessibility of affordable loans and ethical savings.

Actions include:

  • Working together on new collaborative projects to better serve people in Wales. 
  • Building joint marketing to support growth of savings and loans and improve the visibility of credit unions.
  • Strengthening the financial resilience of Welsh workers with a vision for all employees in Wales to have access to a credit union payroll deduction scheme.
  • Focusing on the communities we serve, mapping current provision to build community and digital accessibility across Wales, so that members can access our services quickly, in the way that suits them best.
  • Assessing our social and economic impact and working with stakeholders to improve our effectiveness.
  • Improving financial literacy and financial education for credit union members of all ages.

The full Credit Unions of Wales Strategy – Building a Credit Union Nation, including the list of actions, can be viewed and downloaded below.



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