Don’t let the Six Nations cause a grand slam to your finances

Wales are preparing to take on England this weekend in one of the highlights of the Six Nations Rugby tournament.

It will be a day filled with ‘Hymns and Arias’ from the terraces, the men in red running for the try line, the shouting, the “hwyl” and the heart-stopping hopes and aspirations of a win.

But not all of us can afford a day out in Cardiff to watch Wales come face to face with their rugby rivals..

It goes without saying that ticket prices for the Principality Stadium on international day have never been so expensive and add that to travel costs, maybe a hotel stay, food and drink, then your trip to the Welsh capital can come to a small fortune.

So, here are five tips on how to enjoy the Six Nations without a grand slam of your finances.

  1. Don’t travel to Cardiff for a home game, but rather go somewhere else and watch the game with your friends in the hotel bar or nearest pub. A number of Welsh rugby clubs have found a long weekend in a Spanish holiday resort works out cheaper than a rugby day in Cardiff – and you don’t get crushed in the crowds at the bar.
  2. Watch the game in your local rugby club. If you want to get into the spirit of the game without the expense then remember that your local team are likely to be congregating in the clubhouse to watch the game on a big screen – and you may even have some free food at half-time.
  3. Stay at home and watch the game on TV. At least that way you can pause and rewind if you want to capture another Welsh rugby glory moment.
  4. Organise a rugby get-together with friends, ask them all to wear their rugby jerseys or bring their blow-up daffodils and Welsh flags to add atmosphere. They could also bring their own drink and Welsh-themed food – from Caerphilly cheese sandwiches to Glamorgan sandwiches and bara brith.
  5. Why not enjoy a city break to a rugby destination when the team is playing away! It sounds a bit crazy, but many fans will travel to Edinburgh when Scotland are playing away in Twickenham or Landsdowne Road for instance. They still watch the game in a packed pub full of atmosphere and Celtic camaraderie on Prince’s Street but get the travel and hotel costs at rock bottom prices because the rugby is being played elsewhere.

Whatever you decide, remember that its still just a game and shouldn’t cost you the earth, no matter how much you like to “Ogi! Ogi! Ogi!” in the deafening crowd.




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