Avoid impulse shopping during lockdown

Credit Unions of Wales is warning people not to fall victim to online shopping impulses during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The lockdown has shown that online shopping can be both a curse and a blessing at a time when social distancing is paramount because the temptation of 24/7 internet access can be challenging.

Here are six tips to help keep your online shopping under control:

1. Get to grips with your finances by going through your statements to work out how much you’ve spent since lockdown began. That will help put into perspective what was essential and what was a frivolous purchase.

2. Remove the credit cards details you’ve entered and saved on your favourite retailer’s site. That means when you want to make a purchase, you have to physically enter in your shipping and billing information again – so it won’t be as easy.

3. Leave the item in the online basket for 24 hours and reconsider the purchase in the cold light of day. Some savvy shoppers have said leaving items in the basket can lead to reductions in price, but we will leave you to experiment with that one…

4. Unsubscribe from retailers you’ve previously purchased from as you’re probably on their marketing list and could be receiving multiple emails enticing you to buy more.

5. Save for what really matters rather than a quick fix.

6. Instead of shopping, get online saving, it’s easier than ever with comparison websites to switch energy suppliers for a cheaper tariff, find cheaper broadband subscriptions or insurance deals etc.

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