Celebrate Halloween Without A Financial Horror Story

With only a few days to a lockdown Halloween, how can your family enjoy the spooky fun and ghostly treats without turning your budget into a horror story?

Although we may not celebrate Halloween as much as our American counterparts, it is the largest consumer spending holiday after Christmas and Easter.

The frightening facts is that last year we spent around £420 million on Halloween decorations, costumes and sweets in the UK.

Although it will be a little different this year due to the lockdown restrictions in Wales, you can still celebrate the Celtic festival in style.

But before you sink your teeth into buying costumes, decorations and lots of sweets, draw up a budget, think creatively and shop around.

Here are a few savvy tips:

• Decorating for Halloween is something people love to do. The scarier the better. Yet, we spend all kinds of money trying to make our homes into a place of gloom and fright. Why not create your own DIY decorations

• Horror costumes are expensive so why not try to create your own? Visit a Facebook selling page or eBay to buy something second hand? Take some advice here.

• If you’re having a monster-mash party for your family at your home, a great way to save money is to make all of the Halloween themed food yourself. Check out recipes and ideas online  to make your own ghastly and delicious Halloween treats

• Create your own “yucky dip” – this will be something that your children would be more than happy to help you set up! There’s a variety of different things that you could use to make this such as sugar-free jelly, cold spaghetti, cold porridge, baked beans and you could use pickled eggs for eyeballs.

• Have you thought of any Halloween games you could play? Fear not, there’s some scary-good DIY Halloween games for kids to get ghouls of all ages in the party spirit 

Halloween can be a great fun for all the family without arriving like the kiss of death for your finances.

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