CUW Awards 2020: Payroll Partner (Third Sector)

Credit Unions of Wales Awards 2020: Payroll Partner (Third Sector).

The third Credit Unions of Wales Awards will take place on Friday 2 October 2020.

The awards celebrate the payroll partners, volunteers, members and schools whose exceptional work within the credit union movement has a positive impact on communities across Wales.

The Payroll Partner (Third Sector) category recognises those employers who are committed to the payroll partnership scheme.

This allows the workforce to access a host of financial services including payroll saving and workplace loan schemes.

The award is presented the payroll partner that recognises the importance of the financial wellbeing of its workforce by encouraging them to become credit union members.

The nominations for this award are:

Tai Calon Community Housing
Nominated by Smart Money Credit Union, Tai Calon is a local Registered Social Landlord and owns properties across Blaenau Gwent. 

The credit unions works with Tai Calon in two ways – firstly, with their tenants through community outreach, encouraging people in the community to save and borrow wisely. Secondly, the credit union also works to support their staff.

Tai Calon promote Smart Money services to their staff. They e-mail all staff to inform them of when Smart Money staff are holding drop-in sessions, they develop posters for their staff TV network and intranet and actively encourage their teams to save.


Aneurin Leisure Trust
Nominated by Smart Money Cymru Credit Union,  Aneurin Leisure Trust in Tredegar started working with them in 2019.

The Trust wanted to provide a staff benefit which supported financial well-being, as well as supporting staff who may be suffering with stress and anxiety due to financial pressure. 

Although the partnership between Smart Money Cymru and Aneurin Leisure is very new, the Trust has been exceptionally pro-active in encouraging staff to start saving, and is promoting credit union services within its team regularly. 

The HR department has e-mailed all staff, particularly those managing teams, with information on Smart Money Cymru. 

They have arranged for Smart Money Cymru staff to run drop in sessions for staff at their venues, such as their head office, catering, libraries and leisure centers.  


Linc-Cymru Housing Association Ltd
Nominated by Cardiff & Vale Credit Union, Linc Cymru has been a payroll partner since 2008.

Under the direction of the new Wellbeing Officer Sara Edwards, wellbeing for staff was driven with passion at Linc in 2019, including a huge commitment to the payroll scheme partnership.

Linc has utilised many promotional methods including emails, leaflets and have a section dedicated to the payroll scheme on their staff app.

Due to Lincs having sites throughout Wales, roadshows are being used to promote the scheme. Over a six-month period, Cardiff & Vale Credit Union has visited 18 locations. During these events membership increased by 471%.

As a result, a further £8,560 in affordable loans have been issued to Linc staff. 


Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations
Nominated by Smart Money Cymru Credit Union, GAVO started a payroll deduction scheme in late 2019, following discussion on how the credit union could help support the financial well-being of staff within the organisation.

GAVO provide information to all their staff via e-mail about how to join the savings scheme, and posters and flyers are available within their staff areas and canteen at their head office.

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