CUW Awards 2020: Volunteer of the Year

Credit Unions of Wales Awards 2020: Volunteer of the Year.

The third Credit Unions of Wales Awards will take place on 2 October 2020.

The awards celebrate the payroll partners, volunteers, members and schools whose exceptional work within the credit union movement has a positive impact on communities across Wales.

This Award recognises volunteers who are often the backbone of all credit unions.

The nominations for this award are:

Jayne Anderson (Cardiff & Vale Credit Union)
Jayne volunteers at the Barry office twice a week and assists with routine customer enquiries. She also undertakes a number of administrative tasks in the office like updating customer records, filing and document management.

Jayne is considered an important part of the team, who works to such a standard she does many tasks unaided, assisting with key office functions and enabling other members of the team to fulfil their roles with less pressure. This makes the daily running of the credit union much more effective.

Many members find their financial situations difficult and sometimes embarrassing subject to discuss. Jayne radiates a warm, personal touch that helps to put people at ease and makes them feel more comfortable talking about these issues.

Jayne is partially sighted and has mobility issues. She is a very active member of the Barry community and is a great advocate of the credit union. She is an integral part of the team and she is extremely valued and highly thought of.

Ronald Baker (Gateway Credit Union)
Ron comes into the Pontypool office several days each week and works on the front desk, serving members in person and on the phone. 

Ron keeps the members happy and the admin work under control, with documents scanned, loans checked and filed, the membership packs replenished and everything in order.

He has a great rapport with the ‘regulars’ who pay cash in each week and keeps everything on the front desk running smoothly.     


Nicholas Lutchman (Newport Credit Union)
Nicholas is a cheerful and very helpful member of the team, loved by staff and members alike. 

Nicholas works mostly in customer service, on the front desk and is particularly good with our older and more vulnerable members. 

He is punctual and regular, giving of his time unstintingly for no financial recompense. Nicholas is also keen to take on new roles and has an understanding of the wider community benefits of a local community based financial co-operative.


Meryl Cullen (Merthyr Tydfil Borough Credit Union)
This year celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Quakers Yard collection point and of Meryl’s volunteering role.

Meryl single handedly runs a local collection point in Quakers Yard.

Her volunteering has helped the Credit Union greatly as countless hours have been given up to promote services and she genuinely cares about helping those around her.

Meryl has engaged a community, that before had a handful of members into one of the largest credit union collection points.

For years, Meryl was based in a small porter cabin where she would run youth clubs and our collection point. Together with the community, they finally raised enough funds to build a community centre, which Meryl is proud to use for our weekly collection point.


Sherinda Spencer (Smart Money Cymru Credit Union) 
Sherinda of Gelligaer has been a member of Smart Money Cymru Credit Union since 2005, having seen how easy the account was to set up, and immediately understood benefits for herself and family.

Sherinda approached Smart Money about setting up a service point in the small, rural village of Gelligaer.

After training, Sherinda and her friend Cheryl, canvassed within the village and made the locals aware of credit union services.

Sharinda began collecting savings and repayments of loans and increased membership by over 75 people.  She has encouraged lots of the local community members to save for special occasions most notably Christmas.


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