Cwmbran Pupil Wins Credit Unions of Wales Competition

A Cwmbran schoolgirl received the VIP treatment at the Senedd this week after winning a top prize in the Credit Unions of Wales School Partner competition.

Eight-year-old Lola Holmes designed a winning poster to highlight the importance of a schools’ savers club.

She was joined by a group of fellow pupils from Llanyrafon Primary School for a tour of the Welsh government building and a special presentation ceremony thanks to Jane Hutt AM, Patron of Credit Unions of Wales.

Jane Hutt said: “School Savings Schemes are a fun way to help children understand personal finance while also helping them develop their numeracy skills.

“This method of saving has a positive impact on young people by creating a good financial ethos for the future while also allowing them to develop basic accounting, book-keeping, teamwork, record-keeping and organisational skills.”

Winners of the School Partner Competition received trophies for designing a poster or making a film celebrating their school saver schemes.

Lola’s winning poster will now be reproduced and used to advertise school saver clubs across Wales.

Llanyrafon Primary School Headteacher, Wayne Jones added: “We are very pleased to be associated with Gateway Credit Union because we believe that teaching the children about financial education and saving, from a young age, helps them to grow into intelligent, independent adults”.

The event also coincided with the launch of the Credit Union School Partner mark to be used by all schools who work in partnership with a credit union to promote savings.

Sara Burch, General Manager of Gateway Credit Union said: “Teaching children how to save from an early age is an important lesson for their long-term financial wellbeing.

“Having a savings account makes children understand the value of money and can encourage them to develop positive financial habits as they grow up.

“That’s why Credit Unions of Wales wanted more pupils to celebrate their School Saver Clubs in a creative way.”

To find out more about school saver schemes view here

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