Enjoy a Staycation Without Breaking the Bank

After months of being stuck at home, we all want to get away as soon as possible. But with foreign travel still off the cards, looking for a staycation in the UK may be the only option.

Fortunately, we have so many beautiful parts of the country to explore – whatever the unpredictable weather!

Here are a few tips to help you make a UK staycation as affordable as possible:

  1. Set a budget and a daily spending limit
    When you’re planning a holiday abroad you will usually set a budget but when you set off on a UK break you usually spend as you go. This means you have no control over your finances and that can risk costs spiralling beyond your means.
  • Drive Yourself
    The freedom of taking your own car means you can explore at your leisure. But petrol can be expensive, and a long drive can take all the fun out of a trip.
    PetrolPrices.com can help you compare petrol station prices. You could also make the most of loyalty schemes such as Nectar and Tesco Clubcard.

  • Public Transport
    The bus is usually cheaper but it takes longer and can be delayed by traffic.
    Do some price-comparison research on National Express and don’t forget the Megabus option.
    Check the rail travel prices and get the best deal possible. It’s worth booking in advance and checking for any special deals.
    You could save a third on off-peak rail fares with a family and friends railcard.
    If you’re a couple, the two together railcard can save you a third off rail fares.

  • Consider your Destination
    There are lots of discounts around, and a web search will show you if anything is available for your destination. Remember that the difference between peak prices and off-peak can be considerable. If you can bring yourself to wait until September, then there could be a lot more choice and at lower prices.
    Most people will opt for popular destinations like London, Cornwall or West Wales for a staycation. But choosing somewhere ‘off the beaten track’ can mean big savings.
    Look for deals on Vouchercloud or Groupon.
    Groupon offers discounts for activities at your destination while Vouchercloud app offers discounts at the nearest bars, restaurants and shops.

  • Budget accommodation
    Check the price comparison websites like Lastminute.com and Expedia or Booking.com for the best hotel deals.
    Have you ever thought of offering to house-sit? Membership of Trustedhousesitters starts at just £4.99 a month, giving you access year-round to the site.
    Why don’t you get close to nature by taking a camping holiday or glamping?
    There are also plenty of caravan and holiday parks to consider which are great for children.
    Consider a budget hostel which can be as cheap as £7 a night in London. Many are suitable for families and YHA have plenty of low-price options in locations like converted castles.

  • Get Insured
    With so much uncertainty about travel in the pandemic, it’s important to investigate holiday insurance options, and check what policies will or will not cover, as well as checking the small print of providers’ cancellation policies.
    Booking through TopCashback can also mean you get cashback on accommodation bookings and holiday insurance.


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