IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Cambrian Credit Union

Cambrian Credit Union is the largest credit union in Wales, currently offering savings and loans to 12,300 adult members and 1,100 junior savers across North Wales and Powys.

With five offices, Cambrian’s members have £6.8million of savings and £3.2million on loan.

In recent years Cambrian has developed its online and telephone services, and aims to make decisions on loans within one working day of receiving an application.

General Manager of Cambrian Credit Union Ann Francis said “We’re a financial mutual, which means that we’re owned by our members and genuinely care about their financial needs.

“This is incredibly important at a time when so many people are finding themselves short of money and fall victim to money lenders, high cost credit, rent-to-own providers or even loan sharks.

“Credit itself is not always bad, we all need to help spread costs sometimes, but it should be fair, manageable and transparent what we offer at Cambrian Credit Union.

“We know that ease of access is important, so loans now have a one working day turnaround, agreements can be signed electronically and BACS payments can be made within just three hours.”

With 22 members of staff, Cambrian Credit Union operates from five offices in Rhyl and Llandudno Junction, Caernarfon, Denbigh and Wrexham.

Members can also access their money online or over the telephone for balance enquiries, transfers and even loan applications. Cambrian also offers its members the Engage pre-paid debit card which comes with a range of benefits.

The credit union also has payroll partnerships with more than 40 companies, local authorities, universities and health boards to enable members to access savings and loans directly from their salary.

They also encourage young people to develop saving habits with a Junior Saving Club and a Christmas Club to help put money aside for the festive season.

Cambrian is currently looking for volunteers to join its board and supervisory committee.

If you would like to volunteer with Cambrian Credit Union, contact 0333 2000601.

Contact Cambrian Credit Union for more information.

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