Making Home Improvements on a Budget

Whether working from home, shielding or furloughed, we’re spending more time in doors – and recognise the uplift our homes need.

Certain home improvements projects can boost the value of your home and none of these simple jobs are expensive to achieve.

Over 70 per cent of owners made home improvements in the first lockdown and with less reason to go outside this time around, the trend has continued.

Households spent an average of £2,608 on DIY last year, up 15 per cent on 2019, according to a survey by the online tradesman directory Checkatrade.

Kitchens and gardens had the most money invested into them, with an average of £435 and £392 being spent.

Experts claim that the pandemic has made people re-evaluate their homes, the need for more space for home working and a desire to move to the country or coast and away from busy town centres.

If you want to sell up and move elsewhere, here are some helpful tips on how to make your property more desirable:

  • First Appearances
    Potential buyers will make their decision within the first two minutes of seeing the property. A mowed lawn, a few well-placed shrubs and a swept driveway make a great first impression. Paint a bright colour to the front door, install a new letterbox and replace any double-glazed windows that have blown or have rotting timber. If you cannot afford new windows, you could sand and repaint wooden frames and be sure to properly seal any gaps.

  • Tidy Up
    Remember to declutter your home to make rooms look bigger and spacious. If the carpets are tired, then buy a new rug to cover it.

  • General Maintenance
    A lick of paint will help your property appear much brighter and bigger so painting the walls, ceiling and skirting boards with white paint will give them a fresh finish.

  • Garden Areas
    Do some general DIY like repair a broken fence and plant some flowers. You could build a conservatory, but you might not get your money back on the sale and these additions can be very costly.

  • Roof Spaces
    Ensuring the attic has a light, a ladder and the floor is covered with hardboard, is enough to make it a useful storage space.

  • Kitchen or Bathroom Makeover
    Don’t spend your money on a new kitchen or bathroom (or both!), just spruce it up. Give it a lick of paint, replace the kitchen worktop or bath panel. Rusty or old-fashioned taps can be updated with stainless steel or chrome taps to What about tackling the grouting on your tiles? Apply bicarbonate of soda, water and vinegar, and scrub with an old toothbrush to get it clean.

Whatever you decide, remember that your local credit union can help you spread the costs with a home improvement loan and encourage you to save for the next project you have in mind.

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