Money saving ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

As with so many other special occasions, Mother’s Day has also become a victim to commercialism. But nobody can deny how important it is to show Mums how much they’re appreciated and loved.
The question is, how to make mum feel extra special on March 31 without breaking the bank?
Here are a few suggestions

  • COOK A MEAL: Rather than pay through the nose for an expensive Sunday lunch, afternoon tea or an evening meal in a restaurant, why not make it personal and cook something special for your mum? If you’ve got a large family then maybe others can play a part by supplying starters, mains and desserts? Family time around the kitchen table can be a lot more relaxing than a fancy restaurant.
  • MAKE IT YOURSELF: In these days of mass-production, a handmade card or gift says a lot. Your mum will get more out of the thought you spent time thinking about her when you made it, than a card grabbed from a supermarket shelf.
  • SAY IT WITH FLOWERS: A bouquet of flowers can work out very expensive at Mother’s Day and let’s be honest, within a week they’ll be gone. Why not buy her a garden plant, like a rose bush, that will bloom every year rather than something that will wilt in a vase? You’ll save money and every time your mum looks through the window, there’s a reminder of you.
  • GIVE HER A DAY OFF: Maybe you can do the odd jobs around the house, a bit of gardening, anything to give her a day off from her chores?
  • TIME TOGETHER: Giving someone your time is the most precious gift. We all live busy lives, so why not put aside a few hours and put her at the centre of your day. We are blessed to live in a very beautiful part of the world, so a walk on the beach or park and a few laughs along the way, help create precious memories that last forever.

The majority of mums (or should that be “mams” in Wales) don’t need a grand gesture, and are happy with your company, a thoughtful present or act regardless of how much it costs, the most important thing is to make her feel appreciated.

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