Start Saving Now for a Merry Christmas

If you want to celebrate a merry Christmas this year, it’s a good idea to start saving right away.

Tinsel, turkey and Slade may seem a long way off, but it’s surprising how quickly it comes around and how easily it can catch you financially unprepared.

There are 30 weeks left until the start of December when most of us start to shop which means that if you can put aside just £10 a week into a credit union account you’ll have £310 towards the festive season.

A few changes to your spending could help you find that £10 a week, for example:

  1. Making a packed lunch every day rather than buy sandwiches.
  2. Compare prices online for house and car insurance along with utility bills, telephone and television subscriptions.
  3. Invest in a travel card to use public transport or car share back and forth to work rather than pay car parking charges and spend money on petrol.
  4. Look for 2 for 1 deals when going to the cinema or eating out and keep a close eye on fluctuating prices and bargains in your local supermarket.
  5. Do plenty of research before committing to a holiday by looking for the best bargains online.

By saving £10 weekly you could have £300 tucked away in time for Christmas which will go a long way to paying for the turkey dinner, drinks, decorations and gifts.

And although the average British family spend around £800 on festive cheer, if you and your partner save the same amount every week then you’re well over half way there.

Even if your savings pot doesn’t quite match your outgoings, credit unions also offer short term loans at affordable rates to help you through the yuletide period.

Contact your nearest credit union to find out how you can save enough to help you have a happy Christmas and New Year.

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