Summer holiday fun for your children on a budget

School’s out for summer – but having the children at home during lockdown means you’ve probably run out of ideas of how to entertain them without spending a fortune.

Since March, many parents probably feel as if this has been an eternal summer break, but at least with lockdown easing, there’s more of a variety of things to do this school holiday compared to the last one.

And because we live in such a beautiful country as Wales, there’s always a magical landscape or even a beach filled with adventure close to home.

Here’s a few ideas to entertain your children this summer:

  • Cadw’s many castles are opening in a phased approach but you don’t have to climb the ramparts to have a taste of Welsh history. Cadw has put together a list of heritage-inspired activities like online articles, collections and virtual tours that are available at the click of a button.
  • Wales has seven National Museums and St Fagans National Museum near Cardiff is the first to re-open on August 4 followed by many more throughout the month. You can be certain of a great day out for free.
  • Check your local authority website to see if any children’s activity clubs are running this summer. It differs from county to county but you may be able to find some free events happening in your area. You can also find out the opening times for local parks and playgrounds.
  • Pack up the picnic basket and your bucket and spade and head to your nearest beach. Whether it’s the traditional Victorian resort of Llandudno , or paddling in the sea off the Gower, Barry Island, Pembrokeshire or the stunning Llyn Peninsula, there’s no better time to be beside the seaside – but remember to maintain social distancing!
  • Ever spotted a beautifully decorated pebble nestled in the sand or underneath a tree stump and wondered how it came to be there? It’s all about Love On The Rocks, a community of rock-painting fans who paint pebbles and leave them for others to find. The UK’s Love on the Rocks Facebook group now boasts about 100,000 members, sharing pebble sightings across the country.
  • Get creative at home by making cards and gifts for your friends and family. There are plenty of ideas online. You could spark some interest in their creative thinking too.
  • With so many breath-taking landscapes from Snowdonia to the Brecon Beacons on our doorstep, go and enjoy your natural surroundings. Remember to adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times. For advice go to the Visit Wales website.

Whatever you’re planning, remember there’s no price for spending time with your loved ones and you’ll cherish the memories for years to come.

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