Watch Your Garden Grow on a Budget

Spring is here and there’s no better time to breathe new life into your outdoor space.

The Covid lockdown restrictions mean that you can only entertain your friends and loved ones in the garden, so why not spruce it up for your long-awaited social gathering?

The great thing is you don’t need a landscape gardener or a bottomless pot of money for a makeover – just a bit of imagination.

Here are 10 budgeting tips available to help you make a real impact on your tranquil haven:

1. Start a vegetable patch
Corner off a section of your garden, prepare the soil, and plant some vegetables. Not only will it be a great addition to your garden, but you’ll have your own supply of tasty veg! Chillies are the popular choice along with beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils and soya.

2. Use a penny to save pounds
Before replacing dead plants, make sure there’s isn’t life in them! Use a 1p coin to scrape away a small patch of the stem or branch. If it’s brown, it’s dead and if it’s green or white it’s still alive.

3. Grow from seed
The cheapest way to get a thriving garden is to sow seeds. Whether flower seeds or vegetable seeds, remember to check the seed packet size, as some contain far more seed than you’d be able to sow in a year in the average garden.

4. Upcycle budget furniture
Give tired furniture in your home a new lease of life in the garden. Old sinks and dressing tables can be turned into quirky planters, or you could use pallets to make a garden table after adding a splash of colour.

5. Add a splash of colour
Brighten up the patio with paint and a stylish stencil pattern because a striking floor will transform your outdoor space. Painting a feature wall in sunshine yellow, will deliver a huge impact. Be sure to paint with a specialist exterior paint and choose a coordinating colour palette for pots and garden accessories.

6. Carve out a gravel path
Navigate your garden with a path paved with gravel or old red bricks. This is a great budget solution for those who want to do it themselves. Or shape the lawn by using string and a spade to cut away excess grass.

7. Make your own plant food
Place a handful of nettles into a bucket of rainwater and put the lid on it for two weeks. The nettle soup makes ideal plant food.

8. Impress guests with an outdoor bar
Pick up materials cheaply and knock up your own Tiki-style serving area cheaply at your local DIY store. Keeping drinks cool is as simple as filling a bucket with ice. Add a drinks dispenser, coloured glassware and your favourite tipple!

9. Hang baskets filled with blooms
Bring instant colour to your garden is to plant up some hanging baskets containing fuchsias, verbena or petunias. Use multi-purpose compost and feed regularly.

10. Create a bird feeder – on the ‘cheep’
If you’re looking for garden ideas for wildlife, you could install a bird feeder, bird bath or bird house. The sound of bird song is great for our wellbeing too. You could buy one  or wash out old tin cans, then paint, fill with bird seed, and hang on the fence.

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