Welsh Credit Unions “Punch Above Their Weight” in International Awards

Credit Unions in Wales ‘punched above their weight’ to scoop three trophies in an international awards ceremony.

Cardiff and Vale Credit Union, Dragonsavers Credit Union and Credit Unions of Wales won three individual categories at the Edward Filene and Joe Biden Credit Union Awards in Manchester.

The ninth annual credit union ‘Oscars’ saw Dragonsavers recognised for their work to ensure sustainable development. Cardiff & Vale Credit Union received an award for its political advocacy work.

Meanwhile Credit Unions of Wales, which is a collaboration of credit unions across the country, achieved in the ‘co-operatives being co-operative’ category.
Awards director Barry Epstein said: “This organisation has achieved an enormous success in gaining public recognition of credit unions, achieving measurable known performance indicators and common branding.

“They really have punched well above their weight and we are delighted to honour them with this well-deserved award.”
Representing the group, Ann Francis of Cambrian, Christina Stoneman of Dragonsavers, Bob Smith of Cardiff & Vale credit unions and Claire Savage from Credit Unions of Wales received the award for “Pursuing International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Principle 6 ‘Co-operation Amongst Co-operatives”.

Claire Savage said: “To be recognised in such a highly-contested awards is an honour and demonstrates the positive impact that Credit Unions of Wales is having on the lives of many thousands of people.

“By working collaboratively, credit unions in Wales are benefiting from sharing best practice, launching initiatives and recognising success.”

Judging panels stated they had a challenging time deciding on the winners and even though working and scoring independently of each other, there was stiff competition.

The guest list included international guests from Indonesia, the Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago as well as credit unions from around Great Britain and Ireland.

Each one was congratulated on the achievements of credit unions who succeed in a wide and diverse range of activities to reach out to their communities and bring the benefits of credit union membership to all.

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