Budgeting Tools and Support

Need to get in control of your money?  Discover the free support and financial tools available to help you manage your finances.

Whether you want to make the most of your money, create a budget or need help managing your finances, free help and support is available.

  • Free advice: When you need support managing your finances or advice on maximising your income.
  • Budget planning: Make the most of your money with interactive budgeting tools for every stage of your financial journey.
  • Help with debt: If you are worried about paying off your debts, there are free providers who can help.
Budgeting tools and planners

Get in control of your finances with these quick, interactive budgeting tools created by the experts at Moneyhelper.

Help and support

When you want to maximise your income, are worried about debt, gambling or need support there are free providers who can help.


How we have helped…


97% of members in a Credit Unions of Wales survey said they were likely to or had already recommended their credit union to friends and family.


Credit Unions of Wales credit union scored their credit union 9/10 for trust.


Credit Unions of Wales credit union members scored their credit union 9/10 for friendliness.

Members' feedback

When was at my lowest ebb (the credit union) helped me to see a way of saving. Keeping savings intact while borrowing helped me feel less stressed as at the end of loan I still had savings – amazing!
Before my credit union helped me with my debt, I was so depressed. I would worry all the time about the post coming or a knock at the door. The credit union has given me back the chance to enjoy life.
I know when challenging times are met, I can count on the credit union.

Budgeting tools

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